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www.cioandsonsenterprisesnigeria.com C.I.O. Enterprises is an established company based in Jos Plateau State Nigeria. The company has been in Existence since 1988. The company is involved in Sales and Distribution of many products ranging from Medical, Electronics, Vehicle Spare Parts, Motor Vehicles, Chemicals, Stationeries, Computers, Building Materials, House Hold Products, Funitures, Construction, etc.
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  Features :
  • Range of simple, accurate and reliable analytical balances designed for routine weighing in laboratories, industry and education.
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      Features :
  • The Refrigerated Centrifuge (RC) is a mechanical device used to separate biological substances of differing densities.
  • The centrifuge will be capable of maintaining a rotor chamber temperature of +4 degrees C. During launch and landing, the RC shall be rack mounted in an 12 PU active drawer.
  • During on-orbit operations, the RC shall be rack mounted in an HRF Rack 12 PU active drawer.
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       Model : 6400 A (FLAME PHOTOMETER) 
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      Features :
  • It can measure Sodium, Potasium, Lithium, and with interchangeable filters, Calcium and Barium and is used in laboratories serving a very wide variety of industries.
  • In the clinical field the addition of a Lineariser module enables direct reading of Sodium as well as Potassium and Lithium values.
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       Model :YD202 ROTARY MICROTOME  
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      Features :
  • Machines of this sort are general purpose microtomes for cutting semi-thin to thin sections for light microscopy.
  • The microtome operation is based upon the rotary action of a hand wheel activating the advancement of a block towards a rigidly held knife.
  • The block moves up and down in a vertical plane in relation to the knife and therefore cuts flat sections.
  • Available machines range from lightweight, rotary microtomes suitable for cutting paraffin wax embedded material in a continuous ribbon to heavy duty, motor driven instruments used with a slow, continuous speed and retracting advance movement to section hard material embedded in synthetic resin.
  • The rotary microtome can also be found in most cryostats for cutting frozen sections.
  • Section thickness settings range from 0.5m to 60m on most machines. Sections of paraffin wax embedded tissues are normally cut within the range 3 to 5m whilst resin sections are between 0.5 to 1m. Rotary microtomes are especially suited to cutting sections using disposable steel knives.
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    ECG 101 G
        Model : ECG 101 G  
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      Features :
  • High resolution thermal array printer
  • High frequency response reach to 150Hz
  • Capable of printing continous one channel trace and annotations inculding lead mark and such parameters as senditivity, paper speed, and filter operation status
  • High resolution digital filter inhibits baseline drift without distorting ECG wave-form.
  • One-touch operation able to enhance efficiency and relieve operating strain
  • Concept of floating input circut meetss IEC safety standard.
  • Visual status due to light indicated touch-keys.
  • Rechargeable battery supporting more than 50 patient examinations.
  • Power off automatically after 5 minutes non-operation.
  • Under the automatic mode pressing key MODE continuously can keep recording when abnormal lead is found.
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